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This betting system is based on the outside bets and looks at which bet is trending the

most, I have done extensive research on trends in roulette and I have found

these to be the best

What you do is this:

Write down the first 10 spins from a table, donít look at the board because they

are not always right, rather stand and watch the spins.

We will take the example of high / low numbers.

Once you have 10 spins, have a look and see which one is trending better, nine

times out of ten you will find four low and six high numbers or visa- vera.

Sometimes the pattern is different just remember only start betting once one of

them are two trends ahead of the other after 10 spins, this is very, very, very


Here is an example: (hamburg files 2001-02-01)

18 1 25 26 13 13 31 4 16 14

From here we can see that there are seven low (1-18) and three high (19-36)


We are now going to bet on the low numbers with is betting systems, but we must keep track of the

trending at the same time as we bet, so we can see when high is trending better

we would change our bet to that side.

Roulette Betting sequence is as follows:

When you win stay on the same bet as before, when you lose increase bet by one

unit and keep increasing until you win, once you win see if you are ahead or

square, if so start betting from the beginning again.

If you are down reduce bet by one unit as soon as you win increase by one unit,

sort of like a sea-saw, keep doing this until you are square or up, once this

happens start progression from the beginning..

When do you stop betting:

Once you are ahead by 7 to 10 units stop and go to another table or wait another

10 spins and start over. Try not to be too greedy.

There is nothing wrong with making 50 to 100 units per day.


I would say a 36-unit bankroll is safe enough.

Here is an example as per hamburg file 2001-02-01:

18 1 25 26 13 13 31 4 16 14

We know we are going to bet on low numbers because they are trending better, so

we bet one unit:

1 unit bet on low, number 29 comes so we lose

Now we have seven low and four high numbers

2 units bet on low numbers because low is still trending better than high,

number 20 comes so we lose

Now we have seven low and five high numbers

3 units bet on low numbers because low is still trending better than high,

number 16 comes up so we win, so far we are square

Now we have eight low and five high numbers

We start betting from the beginning again because we are square and not down.

1 unit on low numbers and number 7 comes so we win; now we are 1 unit up

Now we have nine low and five high numbers

1 unit on low, number 5 comes so we win; now we are 2 units up

Now we have ten low and five high

1 unit on low, number 31 comes so we lose

Now we have ten low and six high numbers

2 units on low, number 28 comes up so we lose

Now we have ten low and seven high

I hope by now you get the picture of this gambling strategies. From here on I am going to show the rest in a

short format as follows:

Number Units win/lose balance

15 3 win +2

21 1 lose +1

13 2 win +3

18 1 win +4

4 1 win +5

21 1 lose +4

28 2 lose +2

5 3 win +5

18 1 win +6

1 1 win +7 (STOP)

Now is a good time to stop because we have reached our minimum target.

We only played for 17 spins, this is about average.

I recommend playing five to ten sessions a day.

Here is another example from the hamburg files 2001-01-24:

First ten numbers are 20 31 17 20 8 25 3 2 5 17

We have four high and six low

Number Units win/lose balance

33 1 lose -1

2 2 win +1

15 1 win +2

0 1 lose +1

13 2 win +3

17 1 win +4

9 1 win +5

11 1 win +6

30 1 lose +5

22 2 lose +3

12 3 win +6

20 1 lose +5

23 2 lose +3

14 3 win +6

Number Unit win/lose balance

0 1 lose +5

20 2 lose +3

24 3 lose 0

30 4 lose -4

34 5 lose -9

36 6 lose -15

Now we have 14 low and 14 high but stay with low until high gets ahead.

8 7 win -8

We are eight units down so now we bet one down

5 6 win -2

Ok we have 16 low and 14 high and we are still down so we bet one less

35 5 lose -7

We lost so now we bet one up.

11 6 win -1

We win so we bet one down

28 5 lose -6

2 6 win 0

Ok even though we are square overall we are still in fact six units down because

that is the most we won up to spin 11 so we bet one unit down

14 5 win +5

We still are not quite there so we bet four units.

1 4 win +9 (STOP)

We have reached our goal.

This was a bad run so it took us 28 spins to make 9 units.

I have tested this betting systems on 15000 spins, which I think is quite extensive and I

did not lose once.

These spins were taken from hamburg files and my local casino.

Here are a few examples of recent spins from Spielbank Casino:

Date: 2001-01-02

First 10 numbers: 17 3 18 35 24 30 31 25 30 16

We have 4 low and 6 high numbers, so we will play high.

Number Units lose/win balance

27 1 win


31 1 win


32 1 win


15 1 lose


18 2 lose


3 3 lose


11 4 lose


19 5 win


19 5 win


31 5 win

+8 (STOP)

Date: 2001-01-02

First 10 numbers: 9 1 12 27 31 30 7 4 13 10

We have 7 low and 3 high numbers, so we will play low.

Number Units win/lose balance

8 1 win +1

33 1 lose 0

8 2 win +2

16 1 win +3

28 1 lose +2

14 2 win +4

12 1 win +5

15 1 win +6

16 1 win +7 (STOP)

I wish you luck and I hope you will give me 10% of your winnings every time you

go to the casino.

I am only going to give this system to the first 200 people who e-mail me.

If you give me my 10% I believe that is the right way for me to earn my money

instead of asking you to pay a large sum of money for the betting systems.

The $7 is purely for security, so I at least earn something for my hard work.

Please keep these gambling strategies totally to yourself and donít tell anyone, not even your dog

because if you do maybe it will bring us bad luck and we would not want that.