Where can I find the best high pressure shower heads with high flow?

Increasing water pressure and flow is not easy and you'll be able to enjoy your shower experiance time because you won't be having difficulties with low water pressure anymore. If you want to purchase a high pressure shower head, we recommend you read some of the best high pressure shower head reviews on the internet. Many people have written about how to pick the best high pressure shower head with a high flow and decribe the benefits of such said products.

Do you currently have any issues with low water pressure in your home's shower? Also, do you wonder how to increase the flow of water? The low water pressure is not always caused because of restricted shower head but many times it is indeed the case. There are times when it may be caused my your city's municipal water supply system or maybe your home's plumbing. But there's no need to fret because we have a solution for you. If you are looking for the best and easiest solution, we would recommend the purchase of a high pressure shower head which will add more flow and the water pressure will be much, much better indeed.

For looks, we like the Oxygenics 33542 Vortex with Extension Arm in a Brushed Nickel finish. It's a beautiful peice. And for power we like the expensive waterpik model.  The Kohler High Flow Rite-temp shower valve pumps out up to 13 Gallons Per Minute! Go! I hate low volume, low pressure, and water conserving showers. I donít have time to stand under a dripping shower dancing around trying to make sure all the shampoo is rinsed off. I want a STRONG, POWERFUL, high pressure shower.  I got some ideas from this website (http://forums.anandtech.com/showthread.php?t=2233346) to modify my shower head to make it high flow. And here's another website I found that discusses the same issue:

The title of the webpage is: Looking-for-a-high-pressure-shower-head and it's on the Meta Filter website. And if you're looking for the Commando 450 from the episode of Seinfeld, good luck! There's a Seinfeld episode on low flow shower heads. I had tried a lot of different types and kinds of shower heads over the years and had been disappointed in some way or another with all of them. Went on Amazon and started reading some reviews. Came up with one called the Al sons Fluid Water Saving Shower Head. The model that I bought was the 656 rated at 1.85 GPM... Very LOW! This is a standard shower head. It is not handheld. No fancy adjustments. Nothing what you might expect. What I liked about this is that the spray consists of large droplets. The volume of water seems much higher, but I could be wrong.  And now it appears as though Delta is now selling the same type of shower head.


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