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opportunity seekers mailing lists What response rate can be expected from your mailing list?

We go to great lengths to make our list is responsive as possible but no-one can predict the results an individual mailer will receive.  There are many different elements of any direct-mail offer which can effect response rates.   However, our experience shows that if the offer is a good one and is well presented, then our list will produce profitable results.  This is confirmed by the large number of re-orders we receive.

mailing lists How do you avoid duplicating names on re-orders?

If the previous order and the re-order are more than 30 days apart, the names will automatically be from a new list.  If we receive a re-order less than 30 days after the prior order, our computer will alert us to avoid any duplication.

mailing lists How are refunds for undeliverable names handled?

We refund 50 CENTS for each undeliverable name returned to us within 60 days of the original shipping date, provided you return the entire front panel of the mailing piece to us, along with the original label, printout, or disk (depending upon what list format was ordered).  We can afford to offer such a generous refund policy because the percentage of undeliverable names is so small.  Our names are fresh and accurate!

mailing list brokers Can you provide names from specific zip codes or cities?

We do provide zip-sorted names for those mailers who use bulk mail or other classes of mail requiring zip-sorting, however, we cannot fill requests for specific zips codes, cities or states.  Our names are direct-mail-responsive and geographics do not have an effect on response rates. (The minimum order for a zip-sorted list is 1,000 names).

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gambling systems Won't too many users "Saturate" your list?

We will never allow this to happen.  First of all, we remove any name after it has been on the list for 30 days.  We also strictly limit the number of times we will sell a name before it is removed from our data-bank.  Maintaining the quality of our names is a top priority for us.  We will not ever let them become saturated by over-selling them.  We are committed to always supply our customers with top quality names at the lowest possible prices!

mail order names How fast do you fill orders?

If there's one thing we know about the mailing list business it's that everyone wants their list "yesterday".  In the interest of keeping everyone happy, we ship all orders within 24 hours whenever possible.  On larger orders (20,000 or more names), it may take us a little longer to process the order (since each order is custom prepared) but you can be sure that we understand the importance getting the orders out as quickly as possible.  All orders are rush-shipped by First Class Mail.

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