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On eBay i have noticed alot of people selling this roulette system. I'm very intrigued by it, apparently theres a way to beat the system due to the fact that the computer cannot generate a random number, and that with the information they are selling you could walk away with easy profits...

do a search on video roulette bookies and see for yourself, if anyone knows how this works id love to know, i'd buy if i had the money in my paypal.

Thanks in advance,

I'm surprised people think there is a roulette system for something that is completely random.
there's a 1 in 37 chance your number will come up (less if you bet on colours, odds etc) but it's random.
Random means, no roulette system.
The very fact that he's selling it is sure fire give away that he's making money from selling the "roulette system" rather than actually using it.

Modern roulette system software can include many factors, such as your own mouse movements & the time between your actions (as well as a ton of other things) to add to the RNG recipe. Effectively it's random (even though there are TEFAL-head type mathematical reasons why anything generated by a computer isn't "truly" random). Random numbers generated by computers are not often truly random: