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High Pressure Shower Heads

The high pressure showerhead has been a stable fixture in the U.S. for more than 110 years. The origins date back to the pioneer days, when travelers would pour their precious water supplies through a metal tub that had small holes punched in it. The shower head is a good way to bath, without using fountains of water at any some one time. Over the years, the shower head has become very practical, featuring anti-clogging features, a variety of spray modes, and of course; hand held features. Below are just a few variations of shower heads, and will give you a little better idea of what is available on the markets.

Although most shower heads come with some degree of adjustability, most can not be adjusted enough to accommodate a much taller or shorter family member or guest. Especially in older buildings and homes where the fixed shower mounting point can be quite low, having a satisfying shower experience can be quite frustration for those who are tall. To solve this problem, we have compiled a list of some of the best adjustable showerheads available.

These models come with a sliding bar or adjustable arm that allows for changing the  level and angle at which the showerhead itself is positioned. Beyond this adjustability, we've made certain that all the following selections have excellent water flow, with some including multiple spray settings such as massage and pulsating. Each of the following picks are also easy to install and use.

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